Reading Vision Correction

Tired of your reading glasses? Anyone who has had to rely on reading glasses to perform basic tasks such as reading a book, sending a text message or using a cell phone, knows what a tiresome practice it is to continually look for them, put them on and take them off. Dr. Y. Ralph Chu and his team at Chu Vision Institute in Bloomington offer a variety of treatments to help patients live
their lives without reading glasses!

“Presbyopia—the loss of reading vision as the eye’s ability to focus diminishes with age—starts to affect most people in their 40s,” says Y. Ralph Chu, M.D., founder and medical director of
Chu Vision Institute and Chu Surgery Center. “The condition hinders some of the simplest everyday functions, such as seeing a computer screen, the speedometer on a car or the food on your plate. With new technology, we now have the potential to improve these functional deficits and reduce or eliminate the inconvenience of reading glasses.” A recent patient of Chu Vision
Institute reports that following his surgery he went to work, slipped on his reading glasses out of habit and could no longer read his computer screen. “I took off the readers and could see and read my screen clearly! Wow!” Improved vision changes lives.

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